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Wendi Brick, MS
President & CEO
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Wendi Brick has over 20 years of experience in public sector organizations. In 1998, she was named Customer Service Manager for the County of San Diego. In 2006, she joined the City of San Diego as Director of the Department of Customer Services. Applying the expertise she gained during this period, Wendi has been developing and implementing a wide range of action-oriented, measurable customer service excellence programs for public agencies and educational institutions. These include staff and management training programs, evaluations of current customer service practices, surveys, Kaizen-driven business process improvements, performance measures, rewards and recognition programs, and an array of technology projects designed to improve service delivery.

Around the year 2000, other government agencies started calling Wendi and asking for help with improving service in their organizations.  She would take vacation days to help them out, and in 2003, Wendi decided to turn her passion — and expertise — into a business by founding Customer Service Advantage, Inc.  In 2009, CSA, Inc. became her full-time pursuit.

“The Noblest Motive is Public Good.”

Wendi Brick’s Book

The Science of Service

The Science of Service:
Six Essential Elements for
Creating a Culture of Service

In 2010, Wendi Brick published the book, The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector, to share her methodologies and offer practical, proven solutions based on real-world experience. The Science of Service provides mission-critical tips and proven techniques for success, and the “Six Essential Elements” detailed in the book provide the framework for every CSA, Inc. program and service. To learn more click here.

Here’s Wendi Brick Making a Recent Presentation to Government Employees…