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Customer Service Excellence Programs Tailored to Your Needs

150x150_ProgServ1_1Customer Service Advantage, Inc. is a leading provider of world-class customer service project development strategies, training programs and implementation methodologies designed to increase your organization’s effectiveness and your customers’ satisfaction. The guiding force behind all our offerings is Wendi Brick’s groundbreaking book on service excellence: The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector.

Unlike other professional development providers, CSA, Inc. specializes in the design and delivery of customer service excellence programs for public sector organizations, including call centers. Our company is in a unique position to understand the cultural values, standards and expectations that drive your organization, and our programs are designed to meet – and exceed – those expectations.

Our Customers

We work with public sector agencies and private business that:

  • See the value in enhancing their customers’ experience (both internal and external customers).
  • Want to improve service quality but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • Want efficient, effective, fun customer service trainings and training plans for staff at all levels.
  • Have existing processes that are cumbersome and are in need of redesign.
  • Are launching their first customer service program and need help getting things started.

Our Most Common Requests

  • Deliver and implement strategic action plans to enhance the current customer service practices.
  • Deliver customer service expectations for all team members addressing all types of customer interactions.
  • Deliver customer service skills refresher trainings that tie into the organization’s core values and expectations, targeting frontline personnel and/or supervisors.
  • Facilitate business process re-engineering events.
  • Design and implement customer satisfaction survey(s).
  • Provide motivational, inspiring keynote presentations customized to the customers’ priority topics, real-life examples included.
  • Deliver projects such as Training Plans, Communications Plan, Mystery Shopping programs, Quality Monitoring Plans (specifically in contact centers), etc.

Our Process

To get started, we need to learn more about your customer service project needs.

You can leave us your contact information and message here, or call 760.690.6025. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Most Popular Programs

150x150_ProgServ2_1Below is a sampling of our most popular programs. And if you don’t see what you need here, call us. We’ll customize a service improvement strategy that’s designed to solve your specific customer service challenges.

Snapshot Analysis of Current Customer Service Communications Skills
This program analyzes customers’ experience when interacting with staff over the phone and via email/web form to assess quality of service delivery, including the quality of the interaction and ability to reach a person and find the right information quickly. Drawing from Essential Elements #1 (Setting Expectations) and #4 (Measurement and Feedback), this program employs a “Mystery Shopping” methodology to provide a Snapshot Analysis of staff’s communications and issue-resolution skills based on standards and expectations of optimal telephone, email and in-person customer interactions. Upon completion, the client is provided with a written Report of Recommendations for continuous improvement in service delivery and optimizing their customers’ experience.
Customer Service Skills for All Public Sector Agencies
These workshops give all staff the skills they need to provide high quality customer service and help them understand why it’s crucial for government agencies to deliver that exceptional customer service. Inspired by Essential Elements #1 (Setting Expectations) and #2 (Training Your Team to Provide Great Service), our Skills Building Workshops offer learning through role-playing and interactive sessions, and they empower employees by clearly iterating what they can personally do to provide great service.
Training for Supervisors

Drawing from Essential Element #3 (Empowering Your Team), CSA, Inc.’s management workshops are designed specifically for managers and those in a supervisory role who want to enhance their ability to coach, lead and empower their teams.
Assessment of Current Customer Service Practices

CSA, Inc.’s assessments compare the client’s current practices against the Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service: 1. Setting Expectations, 2. Training Your Team to Provide Great Service, 3. Empower Your Team, 4. Measurement and Feedback, 5. Celebrate Success With Employee Recognition Programs, and 6. Projects and Process Improvement. From the data generated, we prepare a report of recommendations on ways to achieve a higher level of service excellence. The deliverable is often used as the basis for the programs’ Customer Service Strategic Plan moving forward over the next 6-24 months and beyond.
Training Plans

CSA, Inc.’s Training Plans are rooted in Essential Element #2: Training Your Team to Provide Great Service. These programs work by identifying effective and comprehensive on-boarding training for newly hired staff as well as ongoing refresher training to ensure that staff members continue to deliver the highest quality customer service.
Facilitating Kaizen-Driven Business Process Improvement Events

A Kaizen-driven Event is a business process improvement methodology used to decrease cycle times in business, thereby producing more efficient operations. Drawing on Essential Element #6 (Project and Process Improvement), CSA, Inc.’s facilitator works with the client team to identify, map and streamline processes by eliminating non value-added steps along with steps that fall into any of the seven basic categories of process waste. Before the Kaizen-driven Event ends we also facilitate the mapping of an improved and re-engineer process from start to finish, and create a high-level action plan of “to dos” to make the new process a reality.
Quality Assurance & Control Monitoring Plans

Utilizing Essential Element #4 (Measurement and Feedback), these contact center plans enhance the client’s existing call quality monitoring process by developing a standardized Call Quality Review Form that allows the client to monitor both quantitative and qualitative measures of success. CSA, Inc. works with the client to create definitions, develop calibration exercises and documentation, facilitate calibration sessions, and identify key call center live and historical reports and triggers for action for the contact center’s continued quality improvement.
Ideal vs. Actual Workshops: Program Supervisors

In these workshops, CSA, Inc. facilitates a conversation with supervisors and staff to identify current duty assignments with the goal of moving away from low priority tasks and moving towards “ideal” duties for any group of program supervisors in order to enhance their teams’ culture of service.
Professional Development Modules

CSA, Inc. offers a wide array of off-the-shelf professional development modules for both frontline personnel and supervisors. For all employees these include topics such as Listening and Questioning Techniques, Phone Center Etiquette, Stress Management, Working with Difficult or Emotional Customers, and Self Motivation & Combating Burnout. For supervisors we offer Coaching for Call Centers, Leadership, Proactive Communications and more.
Mystery Shopping Programs

“Mystery Shopping” Programs are real-time assessments based on standards and expectations of optimal telephone and email customer interactions.
Performance Measures Workshops

In these workshops, CSA, Inc. applies the principles of Essential Element #4 (Measurement and Feedback) by examining the importance of establishing performance measures and soliciting input from the client’s staff on what should be measured. We teach the client’s staff how to build performance measures based on quality and quantity, and we help the teams draft performance measures that will be meaningful for their program areas.
Visioning Exercises

These exercises help determine shared customer service goals within the client’s team and define the next steps in a continuing path toward success. The exercises are interactive, focus on defining the overall goals of the team, and provide answers the question, “What do we need to do to get where we want to be?”

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