Essential Element #5: Celebrate Success With Employee Recognition Programs

Essential Element #5: Celebrate Success With Employee Recognition Programs

Rewarding and celebrating successes among your service staff is a critical element of ensuring a continued high level of customer satisfaction. Recognizing those people who do excellent work can be done individually or in groups; they can be rewarded publicly or privately; or staff can be recognized during a specific time period or workplace situation. Regardless of how you decide to do this, all reward programs should be based on several important factors.

First, the criteria for acknowledgement should be tied directly to the behaviors you want to reinforce, namely, promptness, courtesy and knowledge. Secondly, recognition programs and the rewards they produce should be fun! This provides an opportunity to celebrate at work, and celebration in a challenging business like customer service is extremely important. Failures are inevitably going to happen in this environment, and getting beyond those occasional missteps and focusing on the successes will work to motivate your staff and illustrate that they are valued as part of a team.

Regardless of how you choose to recognize excellence in your team members, never forget how important it is to do something! And that doesn’t mean spending money; there are many no or low-cost ways to reinforce behaviors that you want people to repeat, such as:

  • A hand-written thank you card
  • A short text message to the person’s cell phone
  • A formal letter from the department director or chief administrator
  • A “brag wall” where people can post positive comments
  • Recognition at staff meetings
  • And many more!

There are literally dozens of ways to recognize outstanding efforts and rewarding those efforts. If you champion these programs and incorporate them as a standard component of your customer service department, your team will thank you in more ways than one!