Getting to Know Us… Etta AuYeung

Getting to Know Us… Etta AuYeung

Relationships matter. When CSA team members work with clients to deliver great programs and results, we strive to establish meaningful ties within the project teams. In our continuing efforts to develop a little more in the way of personal bonds as well as business bonds, we will be featuring one of our team members so you can get to know us at a deeper level. Today, we’d like you to meet Etta AuYeung, Lead Confidential Analyst/Project Coordinator:

Etta AuYeung

“What now?” was my first thought after graduating from the University of California, San Diego, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. I hadn’t determined which career field to pursue, so I decided to extend my learning experience by obtaining a Business Management Certification while giving myself more time to explore a potential career path. One of the assignments in my Business Management course was to perform a set number of hours of service learning about the local community. Each student was given a list of volunteer services from which to choose, and one organization in particular stood out to me — the Economic Development Internship with the City of Carlsbad, California.

I said to myself, “Well, it’s economics-related. It’s in Carlsbad, the city where I live. And I get to apply and contribute what I have learned to the community where I grew up. Where else is better than working with a government agency?” So I attended the volunteer orientation, in which the coordinator helped me connect to the Economic Development Manager, and soon thereafter, I started my service learning internship at the City’s Economic Development Department.

During my year and a half with the city, I learned how fulfilling it is to work in a government agency, knowing that whatever you do would directly and indirectly help your community thrive. By sheer chance, my supervisor met Wendi Brick and learned of an opening at her company, Customer Service Advantage, Inc., and encouraged me to apply. And that’s how I met Wendi and began my journey with CSA, Inc.

I am now Lead Confidential Analyst/Project Coordinator, taking on complex projects that provide our customers with solutions that help them achieve their customer service improvement goals. I thoroughly enjoy working with people to enhance their organization’s service delivery — as I can relate to the joy and passion of helping the community and its citizens.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, relaxing on the couch together to watch a marathon of TV shows. I also enjoy exercising my creativity, making arts and crafts such as painting, sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching, etc. When possible, I love traveling to cities that I haven’t visited. My most recent venture was a road trip driving from San Diego, California, to Orlando Florida and Fayetteville, North Carolina. It was a memorable trip, exploring and traveling through the southern states and experiencing the different scenery and cultures. I look forward to taking more road trips in the future!

In closing, I’m very happy to announce that I’m getting marred in two weeks!! My husband to be — Eric Bowman — is a wonderful man whom I met while we were both attending UCSD. Needless to say, Eric and I are very excited and are looking forward to a life together here in the San Diego area.