Why CSA, Inc.?

Our Experience

150x150_whyCSA_1Customer Service Advantage, Inc. has established itself as a leading provider of innovative, quantifiable, customer-focused training programs, consulting services and business process improvement strategies to public sector organizations throughout the country. Why do so many public agencies trust in CSA, Inc.?


Knowledge of the Public Sector

President and CEO Wendi Brick brings over 20 years of experience in public sector customer service improvement to every program we offer. In 1998, Wendi was named Customer Service Manager for the County of San Diego, and in 2006 she joined the City of San Diego as Director of the Department of Customer Services. In 2009, Wendi started Customer Service Advantage, Inc. with the goal of applying her expertise to design and deliver a wide range of action-oriented, measurable customer service excellence programs to public agencies around the country.

CSA, Inc.’s trainers and customer service experts all have public sector experience and are uniquely qualified to assess customer needs, establish success factors, and recommend changes designed to ensure service excellence.

We Wrote the Book on it!

The Science of ServiceCSA, Inc. has a proven track record of helping public agencies improve their service quality and delivery, so when we say “we wrote the book on it,” we mean it… literally. Wendi Brick’s groundbreaking book, The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector, offers the ultimate blueprint for every organization that provides service to the public. Providing practical, proven solutions based on real-world, everyday experience, The Science of Service delivers mission-critical tips and proven techniques for success. And the “Six Essential Elements” detailed in her book provide the framework for every program and service we offer.