Customer Service Skills Online Training Course

Customer Service Skills Online Training for All Public Sector Employees
A 4-Module Program

Wanna’ make learning fun and effective? Learn valuable customer service skills -- designed exclusively for public sector professionals by people who've actually worked in government -- with CSA, Inc.’s online scenario-based training course.

Modeled after CSA, Inc.’s flagship half-day live Customer Service Skills Workshop, this convenient and affordable online training course -- comprised of four interactive modules that present real-life scenarios -- is the perfect solution for public sector agencies that are looking to train:

  • Staff who have not received customer service skills training
  • Staff who need a customer service skills refresher
  • New employees
  • Temporary or seasonal employees

Priced at only $49 per person (with quantity discounts available), this is the only interactive online customer service skills training course that follows the principles contained in the book, The Science of Service -- Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector. The course takes only 60-90 minutes for the average student to complete -- right at their desks!

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Please Note: This online training course is copyrighted by CSA, Inc. and is licensed solely for use by each person or persons who have registered for and purchased the program. Under no circumstances can this program be shared with anyone who has not purchased a license.

Course Description 

How you deliver customer service is just as critical as what you deliver – and the how is the focus of this training course. It presents a baseline on what good customer service entails and discusses how to work successfully with customers who have complaints, concerns, or questions about working with your agency. 

It progresses through a series of interactive scenarios that demonstrate common situations which often arise. Students utilize their personal skills along with what they’re learning in the course to analyze how to handle these situations and, if necessary, how they might be handled better. In this course, students will learn:

  • What is great customer service?
  • How to create a smooth customer service experience
  • Communication techniques for great service
  • Interacting with emotional customers
  • How to analyze common scenarios and how they might be handled better
  • Taking it forward

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