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The Customer Service Champions Pathway

The Customer Service Champions Pathway is CSA, Inc.’s participant-based, renewable professional services agreement for working with clients of all sizes. The Champions Pathway provides guaranteed access to a structured, sustained focus on customer service that will drive a culture of service in your agency and maximize the customer experience. The Champions Pathway allows clients to take advantage of participant-only benefits, such as:

  • A 10% discount off the usual price of all CSA, Inc. programs and services
  • A Customer Service Tips & Expectations Brochure and Draft Policy Language
  • A 20% discount on sets of The Science of Service and its companion Multi-Media Workbook
  • Complimentary Consulting/Coaching Telephone Hours (8 hours annually) – to be applied to one-on-one brainstorming or coaching
  • And many more!

With the Customer Service Champions Pathway, participating agencies have access to all the programs and services listed in the right column -- plus more -- with the additional value of enjoying significant discounts and other benefits that accompany the longer-term commitment.

Is your agency ready to become a champion of great customer service? Learn more about all the benefits of being a participant in CSA, Inc.'s Customer Service Champions Pathway!

The Fill the Gaps Pathway

The Fill the Gaps Pathway provides access to all the programs and services that CSA, Inc. has been delivering to clients over the past decade. Even the most successful and well-run customer service operations sometimes need to fine-tune one area or another. The Fill the Gaps Pathway offers a wide selection of stand-alone programs and services that target one or more of the Six Essential Elements for creating a culture of service in public sector agencies. Here are some examples:

Customer Skills for All Public Sector Employees
These workshops provide all staff the skills they need to deliver high-quality customer service and help them understand why it’s crucial for government agencies to deliver that exceptional service. Inspired by Essential Elements #1 (Setting Expectations) and #2 (Training Your Team), these basic skills building workshops deliver learning through role-playing and interactive sessions, and they empower employees by clearly articulating what they can personally do to provide great service.
High-quality Service Delivery for Supervisors
Drawing from Essential Element #3 (Empowering Your Team), CSA, Inc.’s management workshops are designed specifically for managers and those in a supervisory role who want to enhance their ability to coach, lead and empower their teams.
Customer Service Strategic Plans
CSA, Inc. conducts a comprehensive assessment of the client’s current practices and compares it against the Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service. This real-time data collection drives the analysis of existing gaps in the current state of the client’s program and serves as the core of the Customer Service Strategic Plan, which will cover an 18- to 24-month implementation period.
Snapshot Analysis of Customer Service Communications Skills
This program analyzes customers’ experience when interacting with staff over the phone, in person and via email/web form to assess quality of service delivery, including the quality of the interaction and ability to reach a person and find the right information quickly. Upon completion, the client is provided with a written Report of Recommendations for continuous improvement in service delivery and optimizing their customers’ experience.
Kaizen-driven Business Process Improvement Events
A Kaizen-driven Event is a business process improvement methodology used to decrease cycle times in business, thereby producing more efficient operations. Drawing on Essential Element #6 (Project and Process Improvement), CSA, Inc.’s facilitator works with the client team to identify, map and streamline processes by eliminating non value-added steps along with steps that fall into any of the seven basic categories of process waste. Before the Kaizen-driven Event ends we also facilitate the mapping of an improved and re-engineer process from start to finish, and create a high-level action plan of “to dos” to make the new process a reality.
NEW! Train the Trainer: Customer Service Skills for All Public Sector Employees
CSA, Inc. has always come to the client to teach its flagship Customer Service Skills class. Now – for larger organizations - CSA, Inc. certifies your trainers to teach this Customer Service Skills Workshop and offers per-seat licensing of proprietary workshop materials.
NEW! Supervisor’s Academy
The Supervisors Academy helps ensure that your first-line supervisors are focused on the leadership, communication, conflict management, coaching, teamwork, and problem-solving skills they need to be successful. Available as a complete week-long curriculum or as individual modules, the Supervisors Academy is licensed on a per-seat basis and includes a half-day orientation to help your in-house trainers facilitate the course modules and achieve maximum impact for new supervisors.
NEW! Multi-Media Workbook – Self Guided Study for “The Science of Service”
This innovative, multimedia Workbook provides a cost-effective, “sticky” way to embed service principles in every employee’s mindset. Sold in combination with the book The Science of Service: Six Essential Elements for Creating a Culture of Service in the Public Sector.
NEW! ONLINE Customer Service Skills Training Course for All Public Sector Employees
Modeled after CSA, Inc.’s flagship half-day Customer Service Skills workshop, this interactive, online training course – comprised of four interactive modules -- is the perfect solution for all public sector agencies that are looking to train: • Staff who have not received customer service skills training recently • Staff who need a customer service skills refresher • New employees • Temporary or seasonal employees
Training Plans
CSA, Inc.’s Training Plans are rooted in Essential Element #2: Training Your Team to Provide Great Service. These programs work by identifying effective and comprehensive on-boarding training for newly hired staff as well as ongoing refresher training to ensure that staff members continue to deliver the highest quality customer service.
Ideal vs. Actual: Supervisorial Duties Analysis
In these workshops, CSA, Inc. facilitates a conversation with supervisors and staff to identify current duty assignments with the goal of moving away from low priority tasks and moving towards “ideal” duties for any group of program supervisors in order to enhance their teams’ culture of service.
Mystery Shopping Assessments
Mystery Shopping programs are real-time assessments based on standards and expectations of optimal telephone and email customer interactions.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Development
In these workshops, CSA, Inc. applies the principles of Essential Element #4 (Measurement and Feedback) by examining the importance of establishing KPIs and soliciting input from the client’s staff on what should be measured. We teach the client’s staff how to build KPIs based on quality and quantity, and we help the teams draft performance indicators that will be meaningful for their program areas.