• A Southern California Health Services Agency
    CSA, Inc. has guided us to lead and motivate our staff in the art of first class customer service. We constantly receive positive feedback from our customers on our friendly and helpful ‘can do’ attitudes. We know that CSA, Inc. played a large part in enhancing our knowledge and understanding of the importance of providing excellent customer service. CSA, Inc. demonstrates professionalism and is always conscientious about the quality of work and services they provide.
    A Southern California Health Services Agency
  • Darcy Lomeli, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist
    The San Diego County Office of Education employees have been overwhelmingly satisfied with CSA, Inc.'s customer service skills workshops (99%). The Customer Service for the Public Sector workshops created an inclusive environment to articulate customer service expectations, learn strategies for improved service, and create collaborative solutions to customer service challenges.
    Darcy Lomeli, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist
    San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)
  • Tina Sardina, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
    The Customer Service training from CSA, Inc. was a perfect lead into our new school year! Our District is focused on creating a safe and caring community that truly embraces our students and their families to empower academic excellence. The training gave our staff the skills to engage with them in a way that truly complements that focus. As well, the trainer was so engaging that even those most experienced employees stayed engaged throughout the training and left with a smile and new skills "in their pockets" that I have seen in practice during this school year!
    Tina Sardina, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
    La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools
  • Craig Manning
    The training was excellent! (Customer Service Skills Workshop held April 20, 2016, San Marcos, CA)
    Craig Manning
    The Classical Academies
  • Participant in a recent Kaizen-based Business Process Improvement Event
    "I feel like we've been sick for a long time, and we finally went to the doctor!" It's a great feeling to know your actions are helping others. Have a successful day!
    Participant in a recent Kaizen-based Business Process Improvement Event
  • Jenny Windle, Director, Marketing & Communications (former)
    Customer Service Advantage, Inc. helped our organization slash a tremendous amount of red tape related to administering a long-standing sponsorship program. Their Kaizen-driven Event helped us reduce the amount of process steps from 245 to 58 and shave nearly four months off the project’s timeline – not to mention making sweeping improvements to the overall program itself. I highly recommend investing the time and energy to do this with any process that makes you ask, ‘why do we do it this way?’
    Jenny Windle, Director, Marketing & Communications (former)
    Port of San Diego
  • Ronne Froman
    The Science of Service is relevant because government is a business, too… and many forget that. Wendi grasps the key elements and the importance of customer service in government better than anyone I have ever met in my 40+ years of public service.
    Ronne Froman
    RADM US Navy (ret)
  • Richard Haas Jr.
    Over the years I have worked with Wendi, I have seen firsthand her ability to get positive results through improved customer service. Using a very common sense approach, her book The Science of Service provides excellent building blocks that readers can use to improve customer service in their own organizations.
    Richard Haas Jr.
    Government Employee
  • Holly Simonette
    Wendi Brick helped me see that I interacted with customers all day long – external customers coming in to do business as well as internal customers, and my fellow employees who needed information or assistance from me. The lessons I learned and the tools I received from her continue to help me on a day-to-day basis.
    Holly Simonette
    Government Employee
  • Janice Graham, CAO Chief of Staff (ret)
    Wendi is a joy to work with. She understands how projects fit into the "big picture" and organizational strategy but still ensures that the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. She's also consistent, positive and approaches every challenge with a can-do attitude. She's a quick study and can build and motivate a team to get results. I've always been very impressed with her abilities and her professionalism!
    Janice Graham, CAO Chief of Staff (ret)
    County of San Diego
  • Toni Atkins, Speaker of the California State Assembly
    I found Wendi to be professional, articulate, respectful and very bright.  I always knew in her work, I'd receive credible information in order to be able to make policy and budget decisions on behalf of my district, constituents and the City.  I recommend her highly.
    Toni Atkins, Speaker of the California State Assembly
    Former Council Member, City of San Diego
  • Jackie Craw, MSHR, SPHR
    We hired CSA, Inc. for customer service training with our front desk staff. Their model was great, and the company was ready, willing and able to make modifications that we required for our specific needs. I would recommend CSA, Inc. to any company looking to make that first step in improving or strengthening customer service.
    Jackie Craw, MSHR, SPHR
    Graybill Medical Group
  • Selene Bragiel
    CSA, Inc. was a great resource and asset to our very involved call center project. They brought a lot of customer service knowledge to the table and provided very detailed reports that the client will be able to apply to further enhance the call center functionality. Wendi Brick's wonderful personality and engaging attitude provided for a great working relationship for both myself as the PM and my client.
    Selene Bragiel
  • Trisha Ferrand
    Regardless of how long you've worked in customer service, and no matter how great you think your customer service skills are, you will enjoy and benefit from CSA, Inc.'s workshops. It was superb!
    Trisha Ferrand
  • Jenny Wolff, Former Development Director
    CSA, Inc. successfully collaborated with staff at all levels to develop customer service policies and procedures that worked best for the various departments. They inspired staff to work on customer service issues and helped directors see positive results on the front line.
    Jenny Wolff, Former Development Director
    City of San Diego
  • Garry Rosenberg
    It's in your best interest to have satisfied clients/customers who come back again and again.  Positive word of mouth will help your business grow and profit.  Thank you Wendi!
    Garry Rosenberg
  • Elyse Lowe, Executive Director
    I called on Wendi Brick when I needed help organizing my non profit's strategic plan. She helped me create a time oriented task list and create a strategy for achieving my goals. She helped me prioritize a million tasks and make something insurmountable seem much more achievable. She was great!
    Elyse Lowe, Executive Director
    Move San Diego
  • Cameron Curry, CEO
    I have found Wendi Brick to be a great resource in the creation of customer service trainings and the development of a culture of professionalism and success at The Classical Academies. Wendi has a wealth of experience that lends credibility and honesty to her presentations and sharing information. I have been thrilled with the results of her training for my team and have valued her personal feedback to strengthen my organization when it comes to building and providing high quality customer service.
    Cameron Curry, CEO
    The Classical Academies
  • Michele Thompson
    Wendi Brick is a high-energy trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience about effective customer service. She involves students actively in her training and consistently receives outstanding evaluations from participants. I recommend her without reservation!
    Michele Thompson