A Recent Client Success Story…

A Recent Client Success Story…

Multi-Year Partnership/Collaboration with a Large Southern California County Department

Customer Service Advantage, Inc. is helping public sector agencies of all sizes transform themselves into champions of high-quality service delivery through our Proven Pathways approach to service excellence. Here is a recent example of how we successfully helped one County organization achieve its overall service improvement goals.

Client Issue:

  • A large California County Public Assistance Department composed of over 3000 in-person and call center staff engaged with Customer Service Advantage, Inc. to enhance the customer experience for both internal and external customers and to increase staff morale, program efficiency and processing accuracy.

CSA, Inc.’s Solution:

  • CSA, Inc. implemented a comprehensive program, delivered over three fiscal years, designed to ensure that the client’s customer service staff would exceed service standards and enhance its operational efficiency. The programs delivered included:
    ○ Kaizen-driven back-office Process Improvement Events
    ○ Redefining customer service definitions and expectations
    ○ Re-evaluating recruitment and retention of millennial workers
    ○ Customer service skills training for 300+ supervisors and managers
    ○ Development of a comprehensive monitoring system
    ○ Key performance indicators for program services delivery
    ○ Performance evaluations
    ○ And several more…


  • Enhanced staff morale achieved through staff input and involvement in changes that impact their roles
  • A balance between measuring quality and quantity of customer experience and technical accuracy
  • Clear, consistent documentation of customer service standards
  • Ability to better and more accurately rate staff’s performance
  • A standardized Call Quality Review program that allows the client to monitor both quantitative and qualitative measures of success