Getting to Know Us… Ariel De La Fuente

Getting to Know Us… Ariel De La Fuente

Relationships matter! When CSA, Inc. team members work with clients to deliver great programs and results, we strive to establish meaningful ties within the project teams. In our continuing efforts to develop a little more in the way of personal bonds — as well as business bonds — we will be featuring one of our team members so you can get to know us at a deeper level. Today, we’d like you to meet Ariel De La Fuente, Confidential Analyst:

Having been born and raised in the San Diego area, making the decision to stay was an easy one; I have a low tolerance for cold and I enjoy being close to the ocean!

My path to working in government was an easy decision as well. I was the product of parents who dedicated the better part of their professional lives to working for the federal government, and I was able to grow up understanding the unique partnership of providing people the services they need and the work that goes behind it.

After high school, I continued my education at San Diego State University, where I majored in Public Administration and was able to drive my growing passion for government work. As part of my graduation requirements, I had to complete a semester-long internship. I was fortunate to obtain one in the City Clerk’s office of the City of Chula Vista — the very city in which I was raised.

One semester quickly turned to two, and while working at the City Clerk’s office, I found it enjoyable to be around people who were passionate about helping their community. The relationships I made there eventually landed me in my current position at CSA, Inc., as Confidential Analyst, where I get to continue to help those who serve their communities.

Being a San Diego native, when I’m not working I enjoy spending my time by the beach, whether that’s hiking at Torrey Pines or enjoying the sand at Coronado. I also love diving into a good book, and some of my favorite nights are spent out with my friends. This coming August I will wed my long-term fiancé; I am very excited to see what the future will bring!